• Best Eps: Freaks and Geeks – “Smooching and Mooching”

    In this feature I take a look at one episode that marks a high point in a television series. It’s not necessarily the absolute best a series has to offer (that’s always debatable), but it’s an episode that remains lodged in memory long after I first watched it. I still remember watching Freaks and Geeks…… Read more

  • Book Review: Tom Taylor – Injustice 1 + 2

    I’m a big fan of superhero alternate history stories. Superman: Red Son and Batman: Earth One are two favorites of mine. Although I’ve never played the Injustice games (I’m not into the NetherRealm fighting style), any series in which Superman becomes a despot garners my attention. So I picked up the Injustice comic series, but…… Read more

  • Scene It, See It Again: Better Call Saul – “Jimmy Ruins Chuck”

    Inspired by the Ringer’s Rewatchables podcast, I present to you unforgettable scenes that demand repeat visits. The movies, shows, or books these scenes are part of don’t necessarily have to be all-timers. Even mediocre media can surprise us with a haymaker. That being said, these scenes only elevate their respective stories. Read below, then queue…… Read more

  • Site Update 2023

    It’s about time. Welcome to the new The old WordPress theme was over a decade old, so out with the antique and in with simplicity. The blog is no longer at the forefront of the site, but all the archived posts can still be found using categories, tags, and the search function. I started…… Read more

  • TV Review: The Spectacular Spider-Man

    I searched “best spider-man tv shows of all time” and one result regularly topped the lists – The Spectacular Spider-Man. I’d heard good things about the series before (it was originally released in 2008), but I never bothered checking it out. Now I’ve watched both seasons, and I’m impressed.  The Spectacular Spider-Man retreads ground so…… Read more

  • Top Ten: Spider-Man Costumes

    I’ve been planning this feature for years. Spider-Man is my favorite superhero, and he’s worn plenty of iconic costumes throughout his history. Before jumping ahead, let’s establish some ground rules. First, the costumes on the list must be unique, not slight variations of other costumes. Only suits worn by characters identifying as Spider-Man are in…… Read more

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