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Earth’s doomsday clock is ticking, and humanity’s fate hangs precariously close to extinction.

The future is here and technological wonders abound. Happy couples build custom babies, retailers tout DIY artificial intelligence kits, and astronauts journey to the ends of our galaxy. But a massive extinction event looms. Earth is ending, and humanity’s survival is not guaranteed. These strange tales explore visions of authoritarian oppression, cosmic pilgrimages, isolation, and immortality.

Stand witness to the collapse of civilization and the fate of humankind.

Genres: speculative fiction, science fiction, post-apocalyptic

Coming early 2024

“Sir Gawain and the Dragon”

King Arthur’s kingdom is flourishing, but Sir Gawain craves the adventures of days past. He welcomes the challenge of facing down a dragon, but the fight – and his own rage – can only lead to death.

In the vein of Arthurian classics Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and The Once and Future King, “Sir Gawain and the Dragon” explores Gawain’s internal struggles as he attempts to epitomize chivalrous knighthood.

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